How To Pick The Best Roof For Your Mid Missouri

How Do I Pick the Best Shingles for My Style of Home? 

When making the final touches to your mid-Missouri home improvement, pondering for hours and hours about the best roof style probably isn’t how you want to spend your time. That’s why Roof U.S. is here! Our CertainTeed certified contractors are well-versed in exterior home design in Columbia, MO. We can point you in the right direction for your next roof installation.

Roof Replacement

What roofing looks best on a modern farmhouse? 

Looking for a home design that screams southern hospitality? Modern farmhouses are all the rage in home design these days, and the most recent trend with this style is a metal roof. It gives the home a clean, historically accurate look to the days of the 18th and 19th century. Metal roofing is also versatile with its color palette. A vibrant red or royal blue metal roof would contrast beautifully with white modern farmhouse siding.

What about a Craftsman style home? Consider cedar shake shingles. 

The Craftsman style home is all about nature and comfort. If this sounds like your home, try installing cedar shake shingles from Roof U.S. Cedar shake roofing is made from wood, but still has just as much durability as a metal roof or an asphalt roof. They add a beautiful touch to your cozy home and come in a plethora of tones. 

When to install architectural shingles for your mid-Missouri home

Architectural shingles have an asphalt appearance with an extra touch of class. They are made in a way that can withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour! As the most common form of roofing today, they complement the classic types of home exterior. If your home is more colonial or traditional, then sticking with architectural shingles will really give it a timeless look. 

Try a slate roof for your French or English-style home 

French-style and English-style homes have a stone or stucco siding and a steep roof. These home designs are quite similar, going for a cottage-style aesthetic. For the French or English exterior design, a steeply-pitched slate roof is the best option for your mid-Missouri home. Slate roofing involves extra care and time because the tiles are installed one at a time. But as you will learn from working with us, the roofing contractors over here at Roof U.S. are up to any task!

For a Roofing Company That Cares About Their Mid-Missouri Customers, Call Roof U.S. in Columbia, MO 

Not sure what type of roof you’re wanting for your home? Let Roof U.S. come by your mid-Missouri home and take a look! As experts in the roofing industry, our team can help you decide on the best roof shingles for a perfectly accented home. Between roof repair, roof replacement, and roof installation, we’re here to meet all your roofing needs.

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