How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

Is It Time for a New Roof? Check Out These Signs of a Damaged or Aging Roof Before Getting a Replacement in Columbia, MO 

Has wear and tear brought your mid-Missouri roof to its final days? Are you noticing more and more leaks in your home? It could be time to say goodbye to your current roof and say hello to a new, durable roof from Roof U.S. These are the top factors to help you decide between calling for roof repair or replacing the roof to your mid-Missouri home entirely.

Your mid-Missouri roof leaks in heavy rain 

If you find leaks in your Columbia, MO home every time it rains, your roof may need more than a simple patch-up. Signs of serious water damage include peeling walls, damp stains on the ceiling, and a “drooping” shape on the outside of your mid-Missouri roof. Before calling for roof replacement, make sure you take plenty of photos for your insurance company and roof contractors to look at. 

There is obvious roof damage on your home in Columbia, MO 

You may notice missing shingles on your mid-Missouri roof, or maybe the shingles are starting to curl up. In this case, you should call our professional roof contractors at Roof U.S. right away. Leaving the problem unresolved could lead to further roof damage the next time it hails or storms in the Columbia, MO area. To avoid this expensive dilemma, call someone immediately if you see clear signs of roof damage. 

The roof’s lifespan has reached its end. Roof U.S. builds long-lasting roofs for mid-Missouri homes 

Depending on the quality of your mid-Missouri home’s roof, it could start losing its integrity after 15 or 20 years. If you can’t remember the last time you took care of your roof, it may be time for a new one. At Roof U.S., we provide premium roofing in all styles, whether it’s metal roofing or three-tab shingles. Check out the warranties we offer on roofing in mid-Missouri!

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You have higher energy bills on your mid-Missouri home due to openings in your roof 

Are you paying more money to keep your home cool during the mid-Missouri summer and warm during the winter? There’s a chance your roof may have a hole in it, or it is damaged beyond repair to function properly. If your HVAC is working twice as hard to regulate your home temperature, but your mid-Missouri roof is failing to protect you from the outside, it’s time to call for roof replacement. It will save you money on energy bills in the long run. 

For Your Next Roof Replacement in the Mid-Missouri Area, Call Our Trusted Contractors at Roof U.S. 

Roof U.S. is Columbia, MO’s friendly, go-to roofing contractor for everything from tiny repairs to brand new roof installations. We even offer help with insurance claims if a mid-Missouri homeowner experiences something like hail damage to their roof. Our knowledge, combined with our passion for customer service, is what has kept us in the roofing industry for so many years. Call for roof replacement today!

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