What Does Hail Damage Look Like How Can I Fix It

Protect Your Roof From Hail Damage This Mid-Missouri Winter With Roof U.S. 

As if wind, ice, and snow weren’t already concerning enough for your roof in mid-Missouri, the Columbia area has been known to face the occasional hail storm as well. In fact, Missouri is the third most-affected state by hail damage, with 832,525 properties experiencing hail damage in recent years! This winter, it is important to understand the signs of hail damage and what to do when your roof has been affected. 

Signs of hail damage include: 

  • Inconsistent damage patterns scattered throughout the roof 
  • Soft spots on asphalt or wooden roofs 
  • Dents on the gutter or roof vents 
  • Marks bigger than an inch in diameter on shingles 

What is the best material for a hail resistant roof in mid-Missouri? 

Although hail can be quite relentless to roofs in Columbia, MO, there are some materials that tend to resist hail better than others. Metal roofs are fairly resilient against hail damage and are considered one of the most durable options for mid-Missouri homes. If you are ready to upgrade to a metal roof, Roof U.S. can help.

Getting an insurance claim on your hail-damaged roof can be difficult, but Roof U.S. has experts who can help 

Hail damage is one of the most common reasons people file for insurance claims in Missouri. However, it can be difficult working with your insurance company alone. Roof U.S. has a team of insurance claim specialists who will work alongside you when requesting coverage from your insurance company. They know where to look for hail damage and how to get you the best deal on your insurance claim in mid-Missouri.

How much hail damage can my mid-Missouri roof take before I need a roof replacement? 

Some hail dents can be fixed with a simple roof repair. But if your roof has faced an excessive amount of hail damage, you may be due for a roof replacement to your home in Columbia, MO. If your home starts leaking, many shingles are broken or missing, or there is damage to the layers underneath your roof, you need to call a contractor for a new roof. 

Roof U.S. Will Support Your Mid-Missouri Roof Through Hail, Ice, Wind, & Snow. Call Our Contractors for Premium Roof Repairs & Replacements 

Roof U.S. is the top roofing company in Columbia, MO and surrounding areas, dedicated to giving homes a durable and weather-resistant roof that lasts for generations. If your mid-Missouri home has been affected by hail damage, you can depend on us for quality roof repairs or replacements. Contact us today!


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