How To Deal With An Aging Or Damaged Roof When

Buying a Home in Columbia, MO? Make Sure the Roof Is in Good Condition Before You Close

Have you been in the market for a new home in mid-Missouri? Finding the right home can be a long process that requires a lot of touring, conversations with your realtor, and some serious lists of pros and cons. Once you find that perfect home, all you have to do is go through the inspection to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. But what should you do if the inspector finds evidence of roof damage? Don’t let roof damage dampen your dreams. Roof U.S. is here to help. Learn how a damaged roof doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker when purchasing a home in the Columbia, MO area.

When Buying a Home in Columbia, MO, Make Sure Your Homeowners’ Insurance Covers Roof Repairs & Replacements

A home inspector is not required to be on the roof to inspect it for damage. However, if they spot damage from the ground, you may have a problem. When purchasing a home, it must be insured on the day you close. If your dream home has roof damage, you may not be able to close on the home. Fortunately, many insurance companies will allow a short window of time for you or the seller to complete repairs. Consult your homeowners’ insurance agent to see what can be done about a damaged roof before closing. 

Negotiate for Roofing Repairs When Purchasing an Older Home in Columbia, MO

Some sellers are flexible and will cover a roof repair or replacement as a part of the contract. If the seller is not interested in taking care of the work themselves, you may be able to negotiate for a discounted home price in order to complete the repairs yourself. If you are able to negotiate for a lower price to repair the roof once you take ownership, you also have the option of choosing your roofer and roofing style. 

If your newly purchased home needs a roof repair or replacement, contact Roof U.S. Our professional roofers will provide a detailed inspection of your roof and suggest the best course of action for repairs or a replacement. You can choose your desired shingle style and color, giving your new home an instant facelift and a strong new roof to protect your family for years to come. If your insurance company covers the roof repair, Roof U.S. can even handle the claim process for you so you can focus on getting comfortable in your new home. 

Schedule a Roof Inspection for Your New Home in Columbia, MO

If a damaged roof is causing stress in the home buying process, take a deep breath and contact Roof U.S. Our experienced roofing team has seen all kinds of wear and tear on mid-Missouri roofs, and we can repair or replace the roof of your new home without fuss. Call today for a free roofing inspection of your new home in Columbia, MO and the surrounding areas.

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