How Winter Weather Can Damage Your Roof & How to Fix It in Mid-Missouri

Hail On Shingles of Home's Roof

The Winter Is Relentless to Your Roof in Mid-Missouri. Prevent Roof Damage From Snow, Ice, & Hail With Roof U.S. 

As a homeowner, you want the roof of your mid-Missouri home to last as long as possible. When the winter brings snow, hail, and ice to your humble abode, however, this can be problematic for the lifespan of your roof. With several years of experience as a roof contractor in Columbia, MO, Roof U.S. is well-educated on how winter weather can damage your roof. Luckily, we’re also well-educated on how to build a long-lasting roof for your home. 

What Are the Risks Your Roof May Face in Mid-Missouri Winter? 

The roof of your home in mid-Missouri will face lots of snow, ice, hail, and wind that can lead to costly damages if it goes without proper care. From snow leaking through the roof to broken patches of shingles, there are several ways your home can face roof damage from winter weather. As this damage builds up on your mid-Missouri roof, your home will lose much-needed insulation and energy bills will spike! Before the winter weather picks up, make sure your roof is prepared.

Roof Repair

Check Your Roofline & Ceiling for Roof Leaks in the Winter

The first step is to check for obvious external damages to your roof in the Columbia, MO area. If the line of your roof appears to sag or droop, you may need to call a roofing company. Next, check the ceiling of your home and attic (if you have one) for any signs of leaks. It’s better to fix it now than to find snow leaking through your roof in the middle of winter in mid-Missouri. 

Clean off the Debris on Your Mid-Missouri Roof to Prevent Gutter Problems in the Winter

Next, you should clean out the gutters of your Columbia, MO home before it starts snowing regularly. They will probably be filled with leaves from the fall and twigs from surrounding trees. Cleaning them out now will prevent gutter problems in the future from excess snow, so make sure they’re cleared out by the end of the autumn season. 

Schedule a roof inspection to your home in Columbia, MO before winter fully takes over 

Being proactive is better than trying to fix the problem with no resources later. Roofing professionals will notice the more subtle damages to your mid-Missouri roof and let you know if you’re in need of a roof repair or replacement. If Roof U.S. notices your roof may be susceptible to winter damage, we’ll schedule an appointment for a quick and reliable roof repair

Roof U.S. Will Make Any Roof Repairs or Replacements Necessary to Keep Your Mid-Missouri Home Warm & Dry From the Harsh Winter. Contact Us Today! 

We want homeowners in the Columbia, MO area to feel safe and protected under the roof of their home this winter. Whether it’s a roof repair, installation, or roof replacement, Roof U.S. will put in our best effort to help your home through any amount of snow, hail, ice, or wind. Call us today and start preparing your roof for the mid-Missouri winter!

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